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Why You Should Bring in Ferrets

Should your practice expand to include these popular critters?

The Latest on Proventricular Dilatation Disease

Where do we stand on PDD in 2015?

Accreditation Panel Says Oregon Zoo Understaffed

Two veterinarians, two vet techs and a part-time hospital keeper aren't enough to meet animal needs at the Oregon Zoo.

For Kangaroo Health, WesternU Springs Into Action

Two kangaroos used in film and TV productions were neutered at the Western University of Health Sciences veterinary clinic.

U.K. Vets Remove Cataracts in Asian Bear

Animal Health Trust and Animals Asia team up to save a juvenile moon bear’s eyesight.

Veterinarian Wins High Praise for Saving Goldfish

Removing a goldfish brain tumor took 45 minutes and attracted worldwide attention.

Is That A Banana? The Story Behind A Popular X-Ray

When Andrew Rambo, DVM, took a peek inside his reptilian patient, he was surprised by what he saw.

Inside An Avian Vet Clinic Pt. 1

Take a virtual tour of an avian veterinarian office.

Inside An Avian Vet Clinic Pt. 2

Take a virtual tour of vet offices, and find out how vets run their offices, ORs and more.

Hooked On Bunnies: An Exotics Business Plan

Sari Kanfer, DVM, already had a strong client base, built by being active in the rabbit rescue community.

Round Up Those Pet X-rays

The contest highlights the dietary indiscretions committed by dogs, cats, birds, snakes, guinea pigs, cows and horses.

Teaching Clients About The Birds And The Seeds

The number of pet owners who are switching to a formulated diet is growing each year.

A Bird’s-eye View Of An Avian Specialist: Larry Nemetz, DVM

Much of Nemetz's clinic equipment has been tweaked to his needs, sometimes even built to his specifications.

What You May Not Know About Hamster Scent Glands

Owners and veterinarians should be aware of hamsters' scent glands' normal appearance and odor.

Small-Animal Practices Not Immune To Antimicrobial Concern

No immunity for small animal practices to antimicrobial concern.

Too Much Vitamin C Worsens Guinea Pig Arthritis

Researchers found a protein that leads to spur formation and can be activated by vitamin C.

Dentistry Quarterly: Challenges In Pocket Pet Dentisty

The difference in the structure and function of the pocket pets' oral cavity and teeth brings new challenges.

When To Intervene In Reptile Parturition

Veterinarians are being called upon more often to provide accurate husbandry, nutrition and behavioral information to clients.

Trauma And Disease Threaten Ferret Eyes And Lives

Ferrets are very inquisitive and can get hurt when they're snooping around.

Nutritional Problems In Reptiles

Health problems arising from an inadequate diet are one of the major concerns in herpetological medicine.

Avian Anatomy Aids Endoscopic Procedures

Birds' unique anatomy and physiology make them perfect candidates for endoscopy.

Fluorescent Feathers Critical To Budgie Mating

Fluorescent yellow feathers on budgies' heads play a vital role in attracting mates.

Fireflies Toxic To Exotic Pets

Alert pet owners and advise them to take steps to prevent both the intentional or accidental ingestion of these common insects by their exotic pet.

Treatments Recommended For Avian Respiratory Problems

Bacterial and fungal pneumonias, aspergillosis and severe respiratory distress are still common.

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