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Voting Opens for ‘America’s Favorite Veterinarian’

20 veterinarians are in the running in a contest sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

AVMA Looks to Make History With Future Leaders

The Future Leaders program develops the strengths and talents of up-and-coming veterinarians.

AVMA House of Delegates Backs New Dentistry, Declawing Policies

An AVMA governance panel updates veterinary guidelines and chooses new leaders.

N.Y. Clinic Gets Facelift Courtesy of Novartis

Village Vet of Lewiston wins Novartis Animal Health’s Onsior Clinic Makeover contest.

Early-Bird Registration Open for VHMA Conference

Registering by Aug. 1 can save attendees $100.

Veterinary Chain to Get New Majority Owner

National Veterinary Associates oversees 244 hospitals in 39 states.

10 Tips To Improve Your Vet Staff's Communication Skills

Find out why good communication skills are important for every one of your team members.

Why A Bunny Eating Raspberries and Other Animal Videos Are So Popular With Your Clients

Don't focus on work so much you forget the "Awww" factor of your patients.

Interpret The Signs Of FLUTD In Feline Patients

Stress reduction and dietary change can help your cat-owning clients manage disorders affecting the urinary bladder.

Moist Food, Environmental Enrichment Can Fight FIC In Your Cat Patients

Stop frustrated cat-owning clients from giving up their pets with education, nutritional management and environmental enrichment.

Cats and FIC: Discover the Signs and Some Solutions

Help your cat-owning clients and feline patients by controlling the cat’s anxiety and urinary issues with a dietary solution.

Hit A Home Run With Staff And Clients When You Make A Major Purchase

Hospital owners should look at their goals and decide whether that technology or equipment will help them meet those goals.

8 Resolutions Every Veterinarian Can Do

Start off the new year with these 8 resolutions.

Creating the Client Experience for Dentistry

Sticker shock may prevent some clients from accepting dental treatments.

Not All Your Clients Are Crazy

Despite seemingly odd requests, find out why not every client should be considered a little out there.

Simple Service Ideas That Enrich Vet Clients’ Experiences

When clients visit your veterinary hospital, are you just another errand in their busy days, or do you create memorable moments?

A Complete Vet Appointment on Wheels

Complete veterinary visits are now going mobile.

Keeping An Eye Out For Zebras

The concept of the zebra diagnosis is credited to Dr. Theodore Woodward, professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the late 1940s.

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