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Is it a Dog-Eat-Dog World in the Veterinary Field?

When competition yields conflict, it isn't a good thing.

Have You Tried Open Book Management in Your Vet Practice?

Why it will motivate your veterinary team to succeed.

How to Discuss Costs of Preventive Care With Your Veterinary Clients

What you and your team say can affect whether your clients say "yes" to preventive care treatments.

Pregnant Veterinary Staff? Follow These HR Rules

What you need to know about pregnancy in the veterinary workspace.

How to Go Fear Free in Your Veterinary Clinic

Don't let stress affect your patients or your results.

About Veterinary Malpractice Insurance

As the way courts have viewed animals has shifted, from property to companions, the costs of defending against malpractice claims continue to rise.

The Story Behind the X-ray of Dog Who Ate a Door Hinge

Learn more about the dog who ate a door hinge, and whose X-ray won 3rd place in the 2015 "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.

Is That a Fishing Pole? The Story Behind Crazy X-ray

Find out more about the puppy who ate a fishing pole and whose X-ray won 2nd place in the annual "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.

Behind the X-ray: One Dog, 26 Golfballs

Learn more about the winner of the 2015 "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.

2015 X-Ray Contest Winners

Find the winners for the 2015 X-ray contest on Veterinary Practice News. This year’s contestants were truly unbelievable!

"They Ate What?!" People's Choice X-Ray Contest

Vote for your favorite vet x-ray of animal patients that have eaten something crazy. From toys to golf balls, these photos will knock your socks off.

What Do Vets Do?

A look at why veterinarians do what we do.

How You'll Benefit if Your Clients Have Pet Insurance

Insured clients bring in their pets to see veterinarians more often and tend to utilize services, according to experts.

How to Add Pet Hospice and Palliative Care to Your Practice

Approximately 45 percent of dog owners and 46 percent of cat owners have a pet aged 7 years or older. Find out why hospice and palliative care is crucial to your practice.

Why You Should Get to the Heart of the Human-Animal Bond

Your clients love their pets. Find out how to harness that for a better client relationship in your veterinary practice.

Why You Should Dress Professionally

Dress for the job you want by avoiding these 8 style faux pas.

16 Simple Stress Hacks for Veterinarians

Stress getting to you? Try these tips to achieve a better work-life balance.

5 Tips to Boost Efficiency in Your Veterinary Practice

Poor efficiency means lost income. Here's ways to fight back and get your practice in order.

Do We Cater to Unconventional Clients?

Whipsawed by “crazy” clients and professional sanity? You are not alone, but finding the balance isn't easy.

How to Schedule More Follow-Up Care

Here are 5 strategies to ensure that you and your staff to help your clients schedule follow-up exams.

Is the Golden Age of Veterinary Medicine Over?

The challenges the veterinary community face going forward may present some new opportunities.

Goldilocks and the Veterinary Profession

CVC panel tackles issue of student debt and jobs.

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