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The 7 Top Challenges Facing Veterinary Medicine in 2017

From reduced private independence to the lack of inclusivity, the veterinary profession faces some tough challenges going forward.

Do You Know Your State Regulations?

A look at how state veterinary boards work.

10 Promises and Predictions for 2017 for Veterinarians

What's on your list this year?

Why You Should Join a Veterinary Organization

Veterinary organizations advocate for the profession and provide an array of services and benefits to members.

10 Secrets to Keep Your Veterinary Nurses Happy

Techs give their feedback.

Why Vets Need to Raise Our Voices

It's time to recapture the term "veterinarian recommended."

Veterinarians: Haters Gonna Hate, But You Don't Have To

On the value of gratitude and positivity in veterinary practice.

13 Things the Mentally Strong Don’t Do

No. 10: "They Don’t Give Up After Failure."

3 Scholarships Vet Students Should Look Into

U.S. News and World Report has a list of scholarships for current and future veterinary students.

The Strangest Things Vet Techs Have Heard Clients Say

"My dog doesn't have fleas, we live in a very expensive neighborhood."

10 Things to Look Forward To in Vet School, As Explained in Tweets

In case you forgot what school was like over your break.

You'll Want This Vet-Themed Holiday Bingo Card in Your Clinic

Make the holidays less stressful with this fun bingo card from AtDove.org.

Veterinarians: Do You Want a Job or a Career?

"I don’t want a clock puncher, I need an engaged partner-employee who understands that a team environment in this industry doesn’t work without sacrifices."

7 Annoying Habits That Cause Problems in the Vet Practice

Or "stop being a jerk at work (and in life)."

Is Veterinary Medicine a Depressing Profession?

"I don't think so," this Veterinary Practice News columnist writes.

Open Letters to Recent Grads and Rising Vet Clinicians

"No matter what they tell you before or after you leave school, your value as a veterinarian is not equivalent to the sum total of clinical skills you bring to the table."

Vet Clinic Does the #MannequinChallenge

Try doing the #MannequinChallenge and keeping dogs still at the same time, Internet.

The Onion Presents 'Tips for Choosing the Right Veterinarian'

It may be satire, but a couple of these tips are actually practical.

The Funniest, Most Embarrassing Vet Staff Moments

In answer to AtDove.org's question "Fill in the blank: I’ve totally been that staff member who _________."

19 #VetTechProblem Tweets Explained With Emojis


Why Vet Techs are the Veterinary Profession’s Backbone

And how to improve the profession so the vet tech turnover lessens.

What to Do When the Vet Keeps Disrupting Team Meetings

Tips for veterinary practice managers to take control of their meetings.

The Best of the Worst Pet Health Advice Vet Techs Have Ever Heard

"I know my puppy doesn't have worms because his breath doesn't smell like worms."

Where Did All the Vet Techs Go?

NATVA's 2016 survey reveals the challenges vet techs face, which leads to high turnover.

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