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15 Tweets About the #VetTechLife You'll Understand Intimately

Blood and poop. It's always blood and poop.

Fear Factors: What Are You Afraid Of?

Why fear can hold you back.

Studying Veterinary Science

How to prepare for and apply to veterinary school.

7 Qualities of a Good Veterinary Assistant

What does it take to be a great veterinary assistant? Find out.

One Veterinarian's Adventures in China

Find out how what the veterinary world is like in China.

18 Whisper Confessions Every Vet Tech Will Understand

"A vet tech is a wonderful jungle gym for kittens."

17 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured Your Feelings About Vet School

Where do you begin and exams end?

Sexiest Veterinarian Still Pretty Damn Sexy

Evan Antin, DVM, was named "Sexiest Beast Charmer" by People Magazine in late 2014.

Why You Should Watch Inside Out

This movie has valuable lessons for every age group — even those of us in the veterinary industry.

10 Tweets That All Vet Techs Can Relate To

Who knew 140 characters could capture your feelings so well?

Why Continued Education Courses are so Great

With NAVC week here, a former attendee and now speaker gives her thoughts on why CEs are so inspiring.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Veterinary Assistant

Find out what to expect in this job.

Why Giving Yourself Gifts is so Important

Find out why it's important to take some time for yourself.

Giving in to Grief: Going “There”

It's OK to be sad around the holidays.

Reasons to be a Veterinarian

The best reasons cannot be explained on a balance sheet.

How Much do Vets Make?

Dollars and sense: Find out the numbers behind veterinary salary and debt.

Top Veterinary Technician Schools & Education

Thinking about becoming a vet tech? Here’s a sampling of vet tech schools and programs to look into.

The Facebook Fallout

Does Facebook make you feel inadequate?

About Veterinary Specialists

What’s so special about veterinary specialties? Find out.

Vet Techs Say Sedation Is Underutilized

In certain cases, sedation can lower stress levels in animals and veterinary staff and make handling the pets easier.

Common Vet Assistant Interview Questions

Hire the best veterinary assistant with these interview questions and tips.

Halloween Horrors: 3 Spooky Vet Surgery Situations to Avoid

Don't get caught in these scary situations!

The Power of Words

Why your tone can make all the difference to your veterinary clients.

Is a Work/Life Balance Possible?

Why you should make time for the "life" part of the work/life balance.

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