11 times Tumblr summed up studying equine medicine

It’ll leave you wondering how horses are not extinct

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“Horses sometimes seem almost single-mindedly bent on hurting themselves…”

That’s from Dr. David Ramey’s article “What’s Good to Put on a Horse’s Wound?” and it perfectly sums up equine medicine in a nutshell. There’s also these Tumblr posts that will leave you asking, “how are horses not extinct?”

1) Like, they can’t even look at something without getting sick.

2) You’re going to wonder why you chose to study them.

3) You can’t leave them alone for a minute.

4) They’re Murphy’s Law in flesh form.

5) You could have studied cows instead.

6) What’s up with the reproductive system?

7) They’re really good at dying.

8) Really, really good.

9) Really, really, really good.

10) We’re not kidding.

11) Really, don’t even look at them. Don’t even touch them.

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