20-Year-Old LifeLearn Unveils New Identity

A new logo, website, tagline and language-recognition app are the latest developments from LifeLearn.

LifeLearn Inc., which provides educational and marketing resources for the veterinary industry, has gotten a makeover with a new logo and website and the tagline “Knowledge unbound.”

The logo’s colors—blue, green and orange—weren’t random choices. Rather, blue was selected to show “confidence, intelligence and trust,” orange to represent action and green as a symbol of the Canadian company’s “roots and continued growth,” LifeLearn reported Dec. 12.

“The three-tiered ‘E’ not only incorporates LifeLearn’s core pillars of business, but it also visually represents how LifeLearn serves as a catalyst to elevate the animal health industry with actionable knowledge—to move forward, upward and through to deep understanding in action,” according to the company.

The rebranding is the latest development from a company that for 20 years “has been committed to enhancing the veterinary community with educational and communication tools,” said James Carroll, the president and CEO.

“This rebrand more accurately reflects our evolution and unifies our value proposition across the wide spectrum of clients we serve, ranging from single-doctor veterinary practices to large animal health corporations,” Carroll said.

In other news, a new language-recognition computer program called LifeLearn Sofie allows veterinarians to type in a question and receive “relevant, objective and evidence-based treatment options tailored to that specific patient,” the company reported.

The technology, powered by IBM Corp.’s Watson platform, scans hundreds of thousands of pages of medical resources to generate results, LifeLearn stated.

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