20 'You Know You're a Vet Tech' Moments as Told in Instagram Photos

Also known as #vettechproblems.

Young, female Veterinarian problems: When a client asks "How old are you?" and you want to scream.


You know you're a vet tech when…

1) … You hear "you just play with puppies and kittens all day" again.


Sometimes I get to hold the fun kitties at work???????????? #vettechlife #vettechs #catsarefun #vettechproblems

A photo posted by Amanda (PrincessHarr)™ ???? ???? (@princessharr89) on

2) … Your uniform never stays clean.


When you get iodine all over your new scrub shirt #vettechproblems

A photo posted by baabmacd???? (@baabmacd) on

3) … Your patients disappear on you.

4) … Your friends are probably are concerned about all those scratches. 



A photo posted by Amber Gates (@amberngates) on

5) … Your patients sometimes have messy accidents…


#vettechproblems #vettechlife #germanshepherd

A photo posted by Brhi (@brhimullins) on

(The puppy bit his tongue, FYI.)

6) … Your definition of "normal" really doesn't seem normal.


Incase anyone wanted to know how my day went. #happyfriday #vettechproblems #emergencysx

A photo posted by Christina Garcia (@kooosh2320) on

7) … You have a weird job description.

8) … Cats kick your ass.


Got my ass kicked by one of my feline patients today ????

A photo posted by Cathryn (@cathrynpage) on

9) … your bandage options are cute.


Ouch… #vettechproblems #pulledarebecca #notlettingyougo

A photo posted by ????Angela???? (@an9e01) on

10) … When this happens.


This is when I hate my life ???? #vettech #vettechproblems

A photo posted by Phylicia (@bye.phylicia) on

11) … When you have to label your own personal products.

12) … You become a chair.

13) … People think you're a crazy cat lady.

14) … you have to do laundry every day.

15) … you run out of stir sticks and are only left with one option.

16) … you get warnings like this.


Still on of my favorite patient alerts ever. #vettechproblems

A photo posted by Danielle Moore (@dmmoore_2013) on

17) … you carry random things all day.


What do you pull out of your pockets at the end of the day? #itallfitsinthere #surgeryday #vettechproblems

A photo posted by Jessica Kenworthy Woods (@jlwoods_worthy) on

18) … you have a lot of pens.


I have a problem. #pentheif #vettechproblems

A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephwander) on

19) … your coworker steals your lunch.

20) … you can do things like this.

What crazy vet tech moments have you had?

One thought on “20 'You Know You're a Vet Tech' Moments as Told in Instagram Photos

  1. We had a patient waking up after a protracted surgery, and he was rattling his cage. Then we remembered he wasn’t in that cage; but was instead being woken up under a heat lamp in our kennel area. Yeah. We were experiencing an earthquake.

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