4 E-Collar Makeovers

Clients help their pets heal in style.

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There may be good reason to hold off on using an e-collar on your patients. But if you do, your clients may unleash their creativity on them, as in these examples.

These were originally featured on featured these pet cones in a recent article, writing, "Most pets hate pet cones (also known as Elizabethan collars), but they're an important part of the healing process for pets recovering from certain injuries or illnesses. But as long as their pets are forced to wear them, these pets' creative owners decided to bedazzle these unwieldy collars with silly and glamorous designs."

They're also doing a call-out for other pet cone pictures, writing, "If you've ever decorated your pet's 'cone of shame,' we'd love to see it in this list! You can also vote for your favorites as well."

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