7 ways to boost your veterinary team’s morale

Create a positive work environment with these tips

Reprinted with permission from Smart Flow Sheet.

Many veterinary clinics sink into a rut with team members that can cause complacency, bitterness and unnecessary drama. Many teams just need a few refreshing ideas to boost their veterinary team morale. Here are some ideas to implement immediately.

1. Create a “Good Job” Box

Like a Secret Santa, have an anonymous way to acknowledge each other after a job well done. It can really make someone’s day. An easy way to this is with a “good job” box. You can leave a box with pen and paper free for anyone to write up a job well done. Read these at your next staff meeting for the whole team to hear.

2. Staff Meetings

I am surprised by how many veterinary clinics lack a team meeting or meet too infrequently. These are great times to discuss problems or share successes. A good meeting will have a set agenda, a timekeeper and a mediator.

3. Incentives

It could be a simple $5 gift card for coffee or a free lunch to get staff more involved. Whether you goal is to improve team communication, increase sales or be more efficient, a little incentive can go a long way.

4. Ice Breakers

A little team meeting strategy is to incorporate some type of ice breaker if your staff hasn’t had time to really get to know one another, or if you have new members. The internet is swarming with ice breaker ideas, so no need to think them up on your own.

5. Celebrate

Have an out-of-the-blue potluck or cookout. When the company shows their appreciation for the staff, they become instant role models.

6. Be a Role Model

The managers and leaders in your clinic should be positive role models for the staff. The team leaders should be outgoing, respectful and inviting. They should always be willing to listen and respond to the staff.

7. Team Spirit

Bring your team together by having company T-shirts, new name tags or special scrubs. Be proud of your team, and show your spirit.

Whether your team needs a little pick me up, an incentive or some spirit, there is always room to boost team morale. It provides a more positive work environment and helps staff become more productive.

What do you do to encourage team morale?

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