80,000 newborn pups, kittens receive food aid

Since Jan. 1, Pet-Ag, Inc., has donated meals worth nearly $500,000 through the Greater Good Charities GOODS Program

More than 80,000 newborn puppies and kittens in need in the Midwest and other regions will be properly fed, thanks to an animal welfare program donation by Pet-Ag, Inc.

In partnership with the Greater Good Charities, the milk replacers manufacturer has donated meals worth nearly $500,000 that will go towards providing essential nutrition to newborn dogs and cats. While the primary recipient of this donation is Rescue Park Chicago, the remainder of the products will be distributed to other shelters across the U.S.

“We’re proud to support Greater Good Charities and to have the opportunity to provide life-saving nourishment to puppies and kittens in need,” says Andrea Henderson, vice president of marketing at Pet-Ag. “Greater Good and their network of ambassadors have been strong partners, and we’re grateful for their continued support in getting donations to the animals that need them most.”

Apart from the donation drive, Pet-Ag has partnered with Stray Cat Alliance and Nathan Kehn for the Nathan’s Fosters program, promoting kitten fostering in the Los Angeles area. Individuals who participate receive a foster care kit package.

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