Hill’s Unveils Combination Diets for Dogs, Cats

Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility Canine and Metabolic + Urinary Feline target concurrent health conditions.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. has launched two-in-one recipes for overweight dogs and cats.

The Topeka, Kan., food manufacturer reported Monday the release of Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility Canine and Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Feline. While both are formulated to help pets shed pounds, the canine recipe also is intended to support joint health and the feline version to enhance urinary health.

Hill’s is marketing the two diets, which come in kibble and canned varieties, as the first foods designed for the treatment of common concurrent health conditions.

“Concurrent conditions are difficult to manage successfully, often requiring multiple treatment options,” said Ellen Lowery, DVM, Ph.D., MBA, Hill’s director of U.S. professional and veterinary affairs. “Sometimes it creates the challenge of deciding which condition to focus on first, when really the only way to effectively treat both is to work together.”

Both veterinary-exclusive recipes build upon the 2-year-old Metabolic Prescription Diet, which is formulated for weight loss and weight maintenance. The new canine diet adds attributes of the j/d Mobility formula and the food for cats utilizes c/d Multicare, which works to dissolve struvite stones.

Both new recipes were tested in feeding trials.

Metabolic + Mobility for dogs was clinically proven to simultaneously reduce body weight by 13 percent in 60 days and improve mobility in as little as 21 days, Hill’s reported. Metabolic + Urinary for cats simultaneously reduced body weight by 11 percent in 60 days and slashed the recurrence of feline idiopathic cystitis signs by 89 percent, the company added.

Combining Metabolic and c/d, “We were pretty confident these pets were going to lose weight and control the urinary signs at the same time,” said Jennifer Fletcher, DVM, a Harrisburg, Pa., veterinarian who participated in the feline feeding trial.

The dry foods are chicken flavored, while the canned recipes are available in Vegetable and Tuna Stew for either cats or dogs and Vegetable and Chicken Stew for cats.

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One thought on “Hill’s Unveils Combination Diets for Dogs, Cats

  1. Since coming to Depoe Bay, OR in 2013, I cannot RAVE enough about Hills Pescription Metabolic/Mobility vegetable (except carrots)/tuna stew!! When I started her on M/M (as I call it) about 3 years ago, after just 1 week my then 11# 12 yr old female Chihuahua became a bounding puppy like we had never seen since we got her at 1.5 yr old in California!! After about a year and her settling ion, my husband a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet had health issues and we traveled to Portland and Salem for necessary appts and therapy and finances were tight, so we went back to previous less expensive dog food from close by Mini Pet Mart. They were great but after a year of that she gained weight and got up to 13.3#. Too much for her little frame and she began getting bladder infections. Well that got cleared up and I decided the cost difference was worth going back to Hill’s Prescription MM diet!! And it has been well worth it!! She went back to her bouncy self, even running across our gravel driveway to me!! She went down to 12.7 after 1st case, then she plateaued. So I cut back her portion a 1/4 more and she went down to 11.9. Then I had a strict talk with my husband..NO MORE PEOPLE FOOD, it can KILL her esp too much weight!! He got it about 3mo. ago and just before going to a wedding in So Cal she got down to 10.7! Not bad for a 15 yr old dog!! We will keep her on HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIET AS LONG AS SHE LIVES, and the Vet has said she has 5 good years left in her! Great heart, lungs and skin, just only has 5 teeth left!! We ❤️❤️❤️ Our Precious Buffy who is now a Service Dog too!!