Ohio State Helps Police Dog with Orthopedic Surgery

The Malinois German shepherd is reportedly doing well after having surgery for hip dysplasia.

Eddie, a 7-year-old K9 police dog, is recovering nicely after having surgery for hip dysplasia in early January, according to The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, which performed the procedure.

The Malinois German shepherd belongs to Chicago Police Officer Chad Rezny, member of the Village of Alsip Police Department, a unit in a south-side suburb of Chicago. The two have been working side-by-side for seven years.

After Eddie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine referred Officer Rezny to Ohio State.

Jonathan Dyce, MRCVS, Dipl. ACVS, an associate professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences, performed the total hip replacement surgery. The surgery will extend Eddie’s service life and “enable me to do my job better,” said Officer Rezny.

Eddie serves as a dual-purpose dog and is known as an elite athlete with skills in narcotics detection, article search, building and area search, suspect apprehension and handler protection. Officer Rezny, who has been with the Alsip police force for 17 years, notes numerous occasions when Eddie has saved his life by being his first-line of defense during armed robberies and apprehensions.

Officer Rezny said he is looking forward to having his partner back, which should be sometime in March.

Eddie’s surgery was made possible in part by donations from grateful clients of Dr. Dyce’s orthopedic service.

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