Voyce Pro Offers Remote Monitoring of Dogs’ Health

The new Voyce Pro is a veterinary-exclusive program.

The manufacturer of the Voyce health monitor has launched a service that allows veterinarians to track a canine patient’s well-being away from the clinic.

Voyce Pro, from i4C Innovations Inc. of Chantilly, Va., is a veterinary-exclusive program that practitioners may use to look after dogs recovering from surgery or being treated for heart, joint or respiratory disease or conditions such as obesity and anxiety.

Voyce President Jeff Noce called the service, which was unveiled in July at the American Veterinary Medical Association convention, “an entirely new level of personalized care for veterinary patients.”

“Based on the success and feedback we had with our consumer model, Voyce, we have created the wellness monitoring program exclusively for veterinarians,” Noce said.

Worn around a dog’s neck, the battery-powered monitor measures resting heart and respiratory rates, activity, calories burned and distance traveled. Sent over a Wifi connection to an Internet-enabled computer or smartphone, the readings may help a veterinarian identify and react to trends.

“In conjunction with exam findings and diagnostics, the program provides a more comprehensive view of a patient’s ongoing health status,” said Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM, the company’s director of veterinary medicine. “Voyce Pro helps identify and manage acute and chronic health issues so that veterinarians can quickly develop customized treatment plans.”

Using another interactive dashboard, clients can observe readings, store medical records, receive medication and appointment reminders, and read related articles, according to the company.

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