A new sexy vet?

Dr. Nicholas Vitale of Las Vegas has been called Instagram’s dreamiest veterinarian

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Has the Internet fallen in love with a new sexy veterinarian? Queerty is calling Nicholas Vitale, DVM “Instagram’s Dreamiest Veterinarian” (and also a total goof). They write, “If Evan Antin gives us James-Bond-animal-doctor, Vitale is more on the Chris Pratt side of the spectrum — a total cutie with a great sense of humor.”

Earlier this year, the Internet went crazy over Evan Antin, DVM, unofficially declaring him the Internet’s sexiest veterinarian. Only time will tell if Dr. Vitale will challenge the title or will just stick to the Instagram’s dreamiest veterinarian. What we do know is that he is an associate veterinarian at the Desert Inn Animal Hospital in Las Vegas. He is active on Instagram, posting photos of his patients, his French bulldog, Odin and

According to his bio:

“[He] grew up in a rural suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and received both his undergraduate and veterinary degrees from Michigan State University. Following veterinary school, Dr. Vitale began a residency at Cornell University in pathology. Although he greatly enjoyed his time at Cornell, the lack of personal interaction with clients made him pursue general practice, and he spent a year practicing small animal and exotic medicine near his hometown in Michigan. Clinically, he enjoys internal medicine, surgery, and caring for exotic animal patients, as well as cats and dogs. He has taken courses in stem cell therapy and looks forward to advancing this practice at Desert Inn.”

You can check out some of his Instagram posts below:


#vegasveterinarian #desertinnanimalhospital #tortoise

A photo posted by @drvib on

#desertinnanimalhospital #veterinarysurgeon

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Birdie birdie #militarymacaw #veterinarian

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Tumors in a ferret with hemoabdomen?!? #veterinarian #vetlife #gaydoctor #sundaynight

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On the way to work.

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What do you think? Instagram’s dreamiest vet or a contender for Internet’s sexiest veterinarian? Do you agree with Queerty’s description? Or are you just happy to have a great selection of sexy veterinarians to go around?

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