AKC Forms Advisory Panel Dedicated To Canine Health, Welfare

A Canine Health and Welfare Advisory Panel has been formed by the AKC.

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The American Kennel Club has formed the Canine Health & Welfare Advisory Panel, which aims to provide factual and impartial information by creating a forum for discourse based on scientific and ethical concerns.

Members of the panel are:

  • Sandra Barker, Ph.D., NCC, LPC, director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Jerold Bell, DVM, clinical associate professor of genetics, Department of Clinical Sciences, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
  • Edmund Dziuk, chief operating officer, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Columbia, Mo.
  • John Hamil, DVM, Canyon Animal Hospital, Laguna Beach, Calif.
  • Joan Hendricks, VMD, Ph.D., The Gilbert S. Kahn Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Linda Lord, DVM, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Ohio State University
  • Colleen O’Keefe, DVM, division manager, Food Safety & Animal Protection, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Patricia Olson, DVM, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer, Morris Animal Foundation
  • Elaine Ostrander, Ph.D., chief and senior investigator, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health (still pending, according to AKC)
  • Frances Smith, DVM, Ph.D., chair and president, Board of Directors, Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Columbia, Mo.; Smith Veterinary Hospital Inc., Burnsville, Minn.

AKC Board Members Patricia Haines, DVM, and Alan Kalter will also join the panel. Dennis Sprung, AKC president and chief executive officer, will participate as an ex officio member.


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