Animal Behavior College Launches Grooming Program

Animal Behavior College has officially begun offering a certified grooming instruction program.

Animal Behavior College (ABC), a private vocational school specializing in animal-related career training, is now offering a certified grooming instruction program.

The certified grooming instruction program combines in-home study with hands-on training. During the first stages of the curriculum, students study dog grooming and cat grooming techniques as well as the responsibilities involved in running a professional pet grooming business. The second part of the curriculum requires students to work with an ABC mentor groomer in either a grooming shop or mobile grooming environment.

“In a time where ingenuity for new businesses is of the essence, I am proud to contribute a program that grants graduates the opportunity to develop an expertise in the ever-growing pet industry,” said Steven Applebaum, college president. According to the college, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics expects a 19 percent growth in the employment of animal care and service workers over the 2006-2016 decade.

ABC’s grooming program is available to students in the U.S. and Canada. Tuition for U.S. students ranges from $3,670 to $4,425, depending on payment arrangements and available discounts. Tuition for Canadian students ranges from $3,725 to $4,480 Canadian Dollars.

In addition to the grooming program, Animal Behavior College, which is based in Northridge, Calif., offers certified courses for those interested in becoming a dog obedience trainer or veterinary assistant. As with the grooming program, both offer in-home study along with hands-on training.

Click here for more information on Animal Behavior College’s certified grooming instruction program.


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