Antech Offers Image-Sharing Diagnostics

MAGNIFYdp produces digitized whole slide images for viewing on a high-resolution monitor.

The MAGNIFYdp viewing program produces highly magnified digital images such as this one. A computer mouse may be used for navigation and further magnification.

Antech Diagnostics

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Veterinarians submitting biopsy samples to Antech Diagnostics are now able to examine what the pathologist sees and even show the images to the pet owner.

The new digital service, called MAGNIFYdp, also allows an Antech anatomic pathologist to quickly ask a colleague at another laboratory to assist with a diagnosis.

Mary Kurian, Antech Diagnostics’ vice president of North American operations, called the technology “a revolutionary change in the practice of veterinary pathology.”

“We provide our clients with the means to review what our pathologists see when achieving a diagnosis,” Kurian said. “Further, we allow them the unique advantage of communicating visually with pet owners about their pet’s diagnosis.”

MAGNIFYdp produces digitized whole slide images that a pathologist can view on a high-resolution monitor instead of looking at tissue through a traditional binocular microscope, the company announced this week.

The technology includes a “Snippet” function that allows veterinarians to view and navigate diagnostic portions of the digitized scanned tissue using their Antech Online account.

“There is a direct link from the online pathology report to the Snippets,” said Philippe Labelle, DVM, Dipl. ACVP, an Antech Diagnostics anatomic pathologist. “There is no need for special equipment or software. The link automatically launches Antech’s viewing program, which allows navigation and includes a magnifier.”

Antech Diagnostics, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., has more than 19,000 animal hospital, zoo and government customers.

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