Are you saving for the next recession?

A new video from the AVMA explains why you should

The American Veterinary Medical Association​ (AVMA) has launched a new video called “Advice for Veterinarians: How to Prepare for a Recession.”

According to the video description:

“There’s no better time to prepare for a recession than when the economy is good. Dr. Michael Dicks, director of veterinary economics for the American Veterinary Medical Association, explained why to the veterinarians, business owners and other attendees of the AVMA’s annual Economic Summit meeting in 2015. His advice: Use economic upturns to save as much money as possible for use during a recession, when business slows and the price of goods goes down.”

The short video talks about the reasons why you should save money now, even when everyone seems to be spending theirs.

Are you saving for the next recession? What tips or tricks do you have for riding it out?

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