AVMA Breathes Life Into Insurance Network


Hurry. What does GHLIT stand for?

Nearly half of AVMA members surveyed could not correctly identify the acronym as the Group Health and Life Insurance Trust, so the American Veterinary Medical Association’s affiliated insurance network did something about the name.

Seeking clarity and the opportunity to offer products besides insurance, AVMA GHLIT is now known as AVMA LIFE. The new title comes with the tagline “Veterinarian Inspired Coverage.”

“These changes will not affect the coverage that current participants already have with AVMA GHLIT, such as disability or life insurance,” AVMA announced Sunday in a blog post.

The rebranding and website, www.avmalife.org, followed a yearlong study. While 46 percent of AVMA members were baffled by “GHLIT,” about the same number, 43 percent, stated that the name did not reflect the products and services provided.

“What we heard from these discussions was a resounding preference for a program that is designed especially for, and by, veterinarians,” according to AVMA LIFE’s introductory website, www.myavmalife.com.

Why was AVMA LIFE chosen? It was the most popular out of six new names presented in the survey.

“Members said the new name is simple and leaves room for offering services that impact their whole lives,” the microsite noted.

“Veterinarian Inspired Coverage” was picked over three other possible taglines.

“Members felt the new tagline clearly differentiates how the services offered by AVMA LIFE are uniquely designed for, and inspired by, veterinarians,” the website added.

AVMA LIFE sells more than a dozen insurance products, including medical, dental, disability, hospital indemnity and family group life.

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