AVMA House Of Delegates Elects Officers, Council Members

The AVMA’s House of Delegates elected their new president-elect as well as their vice president.

The American Veterinary Medical Association’s House of Delegates today elected Rene Carlson, DVM, as its president-elect and Jan Strother, DVM, as vice president. Both Dr. Carlson and Dr. Strother ran unopposed.

The body also elected several new members to various AVMA councils (list below).

In addition, John de Jong of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association was elected to the AVMA’s executive board, representing District I.

In other action, the house shot down a resolution offered by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association to conduct a risk/benefit analysis of the AVMA’s Council on Education’s accreditation of foreign veterinary schools. The house approved a bylaws amendment to give the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges liaison a vote on the council.

The house also approved two antimicrobial-related resolutions: one that affirmed the veterinarian should be involved in the decision-making process of antimicrobial use in animals, regardless of the distribution channel, and another that affirmed the AVMA should take part in discussions, especially regulatory ones, regarding antimicrobial use.

In related news, the house defeated a resolution, held over from the 2009 session, that would have amended the AVMA’s “Judicious Therapeutic Use of Antimicrobials” policy.

The veterinarians elected to AVMA councils were:

• Ernest Rogers, Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents (Immunology)

• Michael Hodgman, Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents (At-Large)

• Ronald Gill, Council on Education (Private Mixed Clinical Practice)

• John Pascoe, Council on Education (Postgraduate Education)

• Mike Chaddock, Judicial Council (At-Large)

• Brant Schumaker, Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine (At-Large)

• Adam Langer, Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine (Public Health Agencies or the Armed Forces)

• Peter Muir, Council on Research (Veterinary Medical Research)

• Thomas Rosol, Council on Research (Veterinary Medical Research)

• Karen Rosenthal, Council on Veterinary Service (At-Large)

• Nancy Turner, Council on Veterinary Service (Recent Graduate)

• Karen Bradley, House Advisory Committee (At-Large)

• David Prigel, House Advisory Committee (Mixed)

• Barbara Schmidt, House Advisory Committee (Equine)


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