AVMA launches clinical studies database

The database will help veterinarians looking for animals for their clinical studies, as well as vets and owners looking for treatment options

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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has launched a database that will help researchers who are looking for animals to participate in clinical studies. It will also help veterinarians and animal owners that are seeking options for treatment. The “AVMA Animal Health Studies Database” database covers all animals, and extends beyond the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, according to the

“There are a lot of AVMA members that are involved in the conduct of clinical studies, and so, having the database helps them enroll animals into their studies,” said Dr. Ed Murphey, an assistant director in the AVMA Education and Research Division. “And there’s a direct benefit to practitioners who are looking for all avenues to help some of their owners and patients.”

He continued, “Then there is an indirect benefit, too, and that’s the advancement of evidence for the practice of veterinary medicine. Clinical studies, in particular clinical trials, are really the most informative and most scientifically accepted evidence for whether things work or don’t work in clinical practice.”

The AVMA has reached out to veterinary colleges for studies. Also, the Veterinary Cancer Society has moved all its studies from the Veterinary Cancer Trials website into the new database.

Find out more about the AVMA’s new database here.

The database can be found here.

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