Bayer Adds Vet-only Dermoscent Skin Products

Bayer obtains exclusive U.S. rights to Dermoscent skin care products for cats and dogs.

Essential 6 and Bio Balm are among the new Dermoscent products available through U.S. veterinarians.

Bayer HealthCare Animal Health

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Bayer HealthCare Animal Health has expanded its DVM line of veterinary-exclusive products with the U.S. launch of Dermoscent.

The skin care products for cats and dogs will be sold only through licensed veterinarians and consist of:

  • Essential 6, a spot-on formulated with essential oils to support healthy skin and minimize itching associated with some dermatological conditions.
  • Essential Mousse, a rinse-free combination of fatty acids that is spread through a pet’s fur and toweled or brushed off to support the skin.
  • Bio Balm, for managing rough, hyperkeratotic conditions such as thickened or cracked footpads and noninfected calluses.
  • ATOP 7 Spray, for the management of dry, itchy skin.
  • PYOclean Wipes, for removing dirt and debris from a pet’s skin and coat and to help manage localized skin infections.

Bayer reported Monday that it obtained the exclusive U.S. marketing rights to Dermoscent from the French manufacturer LDCA.

“Each product is intended to help provide flexibility and convenience,” said Ken Kwochka, DVM, Dipl. ACVD, Bayer North America’s manager of veterinary services, health and wellness. “Dermoscent products are well-suited options to support both shampoo therapy or to use when shampooing is impractical.”

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  1. Which product is best for my 9lb Chihuahua? She scratches a lot and causes some dry bald spots near her belly. She has spots of thinning hair on her legs and belly. Her back is beautiful with no skin damage.

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