Bayer Licenses Equine Products From SentrX

Wound healing spray gel and corneal repair gel drops for horses are now offered by Bayer Healthcare LLC.

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Bayer HealthCare LLC's Animal Health Division announced it has licensed and now distributes SentrX Animal Care’s equitrX wound healing spray gel and equitrX corneal repair gel drops for horses.

These products are currently available to veterinarians through Bayer Animal Health. The agreement allows Bayer Animal Health to offer equine veterinarians wound management products, the company states.

“The equitrX products are prescription products sold only to licensed veterinarians,” said Scott King, DVM, and equine products manager for Bayer. “It is crucial to have an equine veterinarian involved in the management of some of these equine wounds and corneal ulcers.”

Richard Koehn, Ph.D, president and CEO of SentrX Animal Care Inc. said these products cross-link modified hyaluronic acid molecules, a process that results in enhanced wound healing.

“Horse owners want wounds to heal as nicely as possible," Dr. King said. “We liked these products because they provide a molecular matrix to enhance wound healing by facilitating cellular migration.”


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