Bayer Rolls Out Former Teva Products

Reintroduction of six DVM products by Bayer HealthCare marked the paying off of their purchase of Teva Animal Health.

OtiRinse and Free Form Liquid are among six former Teva products now available under the Bayer name.

Suggested Veterinary Products

Bayer HealthCare’s $145 million purchase of Teva Animal Health began paying off last week with the reintroduction of six products in the DVM line.

The rebranded items, which retained Teva’s DVM logo, were among 75 products acquired in January. More rollouts from the DVM line, which is sold through the veterinary channel, are expected to occur over the next 12 to 18 months, Bayer reported.

The newly available products include:

• ChlorhexiDerm 4% Shampoo, an antimicrobial shampoo formulated for dogs, cats and horses.

• Free Form Liquid, an omega-3 fatty acid formulation designed for overall pet wellness.

• Malaseb Flush, an antimicrobial solution for skin conditions associated with infections in dogs, cats and horses.

• OtiRinse ear cleanser.

• Relief Spray and Relief Creme Rinse itch relief for dogs, cats and horses.

Coinciding with the reintroduction was the launch of Preva Medicated Wipes, which are intended for veterinary use during medical procedures.

"The rapid introduction of the widely recognized and respected DVM brands shows how the acquisition fits well with our strategic goals to strengthen and broaden our range of animal care solutions for companion animals in the U.S. market,” said Ian Spinks, president and general manager of Bayer’s Shawnee, Kan.-based animal health division.

The products most in need were reintroduced first, said David Van Brunt, Bayer Animal Health’s vice president of marketing for companion animal products.

"These new and relaunched DVM products demonstrate Bayer's commitment to the success of this [Teva] integration,” he said.


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