BluePearl vet team saves puppy with head stuck in tire

Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Philadelphia were able to help Jade, a pit bull puppy, get unstuck

Puppies, like kids, can get in all sorts of trouble. Getting stuck in a car tire seems to be uniquely a puppy phenomenon, however, as was the case for Jade, a pit bull puppy.

Luckily the experts at Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center (VSEC), a BluePearl hospital in Philadelphia, were able to help Jade when the fire department and animal rescue groups were unable to. Jade was struggling so much to get out of the tire, it made it impossible to get it off her. “She was just so worked up and anxious from being stuck in there,” said Jenny Davis, veterinary technician at VSEC.

To calm her, Jade was sedated and treated by a team that included Davis, Arielle Camp, DVM, and others. Once she relaxed, they were able to slip the tire right off. With some steroids to help the swelling around her neck, within an hour Jade was happy and wagging her tail again.

This isn’t the only time Davis has seen a case like this. That’s why she tells pet owners not to leave puppies unsupervised in an area where there’s a lot of stuff lying around.

“They tend to get themselves stuck in just about anything,” she said.

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