BVA Responds To Union Recruitment Campaign

Recruitment campaign form a professional advisory committee for British and Irish trade union.

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Unite the Union, a British and Irish trade union, launched a recruitment campaign for those working in veterinary practices and set up a professional advisory committee within its health sector.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) today made a statement regarding their sentiment toward the campaign.

“Those working in veterinary practice have always been able to join Unite or any other trade union and it is unclear whether vets are actually being offered anything new in this recruitment campaign," said Dr. Harvey Locke, president of the BVA. “The BVA provides the majority of services traditionally offered by a union and we are constantly working to improve our services to support the veterinary team.”

Dr. Locke said in the past two years the BVA has developed mediation and legal representation services to help members through difficult issues in the workplace. The BVA’s 24/7 legal helpline receives approximately 600 calls a year on employment and personal issues.

The BVA is a stakeholder of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland administrations and represents members on issues such as pet travel, bovine tuberculosis and medicine regulations.


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