Bright ideas in veterinary ophthalmology

The field of veterinary ophthalmology is always evolving, uncovering new theories, diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries.

The Vision for Animals Foundation (VAF) is funding various ophthalmology studies, including one led by University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center resident Kayla Banks, DVM, that is comparing cleaning and sterilization protocols for diamond burr tips used in diamond burr debridement for canine superficial chronic corneal epithelial defects. Another study, led by Maggie Jinks, DVM, a resident at the Ohio …

Can detomidine cause post-procedure colic?

Available to veterinarians as detomidine hydrochloride, detomidine is a selective α-2 adrenoreceptor agonist used in horses as a sedative to assist in performance of a variety of clinical procedures.

Racehorse safety focus of California bill

Following almost 40 deaths of racehorses in California, new legislation has been launched to improve equine veterinary care at racetracks across the state.

Is equine metabolic syndrome heritable?

Heritability allows veterinarians to more accurately advise clients as to the likelihood their horse will develop a certain trait when breeding two specific horses.