Badly burned tortoise gets new 3-D printed shell

Freddy, a female tortoise in Brazil, was caught in a brush fire that burned away nearly all of her shell. Her odds of survival were dim, at least until The Animal Avengers, a group in Brazil, stepped in to save her by creating her a custom 3D-printed shell.

Green Sea Turtle Undergoes Surgery at Perth Zoo

A Green Sea Turtle at the Perth Zoo in Australia is undergoing surgery to remove two Fibropapilloma lesions that are on her neck.

“They are a benign growth which is caused by the herpes virus which is specific for sea turtles,” Perth Zoo Veterinarian Katja Geschke told The Western Australian.

The turtle was found in March at Rottnest Island, an island off the western coast of Australia. She …

Sea Turtle Undergoes Hyperbaric Therapy

A sea turtle is claiming the No. 1 spot as the first nonhuman to be treated in the United States in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. Veterinarians are hoping to compress internal gas bubbles that are keeping the turtle from diving and staying underwater.

According to the Seattle Aquarium:

“The 70-pound olive ridley sea turtle, named Tucker by …

Veterinarian Removes Purple Teddy Bear From Snake

Anything is tasty when you’re really hungry, even a small purple teddy bear. Given that winter is approaching in Australia, the snakes native to that country are feasting. Snake catcher Tony Harrison told 7News Brisbane, “Right now they’re really, really obsessively hunting for food… If it smells right, they’ll eat it.”

Apparently the purple teddy bear smelled right to the 6-foot carpet python that gobbled it up. Harrison noticed the …

Veterinarian Removes Rooster Foot from Python's Belly

A wild python in Australia decided to eat a rooster, but it seems the rooster would have got the best of the python had it not been for Nikki Tapp, B.V.Sc, at the Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

Dr. Nikki Tapp working on removing a rooster's foot from a wild python's belly.

The wild reptile was brought into the hospital October 26 with a puncture …

Nutritional Problems In Reptiles

Without a doubt, health problems arising from an inadequate diet are one of the major concerns in herpetological medicine. The key to managing nutritionally related diseases is to be familiar with the natural history of specific species. In ectothermic animals the metabolic processes governing digestion are dependent on environmental factors, mainly temperature. If these environmental factors are not optimal, even a perfectly balanced meal could go to waste because of inadequate digestion.

The …

Fireflies Toxic To Exotic Pets

Fireflies might prove a fatal snack to exotic reptiles, according to a health alert released by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). Veterinarians should alert pet owners and advise them to take steps to prevent both the intentional or accidental ingestion of these common insects, the center reported.

Based on a handful of reports from reptile owners, symptoms of poisoning quickly follow a lizard's …