Class IV Laser Therapy Symposium Scheduled

A symposium on Class IV Laser Therapy will be held at Colorado State University.

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians are invited to attend a symposium on Class IV laser therapy Aug. 13 at Colorado State University.

The full-day symposium is being offered by the CSU Center for Comparative and Integrative Veterinary Medicine, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association and the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications. LiteCure LLC of Newark, Del., is sponsoring the program.

The symposium will highlight the science behind Class IV laser therapy in companion animal and equine veterinary practice. The course will include an in-depth discussion of the biochemical cascade of events caused by laser at the tissue level and how this translates into the effective analgesia, resolution of inflammation and accelerated tissue healing. Lectures will cover dosing guidelines and calculations, treatment methodology and reasonable therapeutic expectations for a variety of conditions.

Lecture titles include:

• "Clinical Evidence on Laser Therapy: Benefits, Controversies and Questions,” by Narda Robinson, DVM, DO, Dipl. ABMA, FAAMA, who oversees complementary veterinary education at CSU.
• "Medical Lasers, the Basics of Lasers and Tissue Interaction,” by Brian Pryor, Ph.D., founder and CEO of LiteCure.
• "The Evolution of Laser Therapy, Current Applications and Its Future Promise,” by Juanita Anders, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy, physiology and genetics at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. She also has a secondary appointment as professor of neuroscience at the university.
• "Overview of Laser Therapy Applications for the Equine Athlete,” by Ron Riegel, DVM, co-founder of the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications.
• "Applications of Advanced Laser Therapy in a Veterinary Rehabilitation Practice,” by Cindy Grant, DVM, CCRP, who practices and operates Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness Clinic Inc. in Birmingham, Ala.

The symposium costs $275 and offers 6½ continuing education hours.

To register, call 970-297-1273.


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