Cornell Develops Pocket-Sized Equine Ultrasound Healing Device

Pocket-sized equine ultrasound device made available by UltrOz Elite Therapy System.

The UltrOZ Elite Therapy System, a pocket-sized equine ultrasound device is available for purchase in the veterinary and trainer market. The device aids in healing injured legs of horses and is the first wearable, therapeutic equine ultrasound system, according to its maker.

The battery-operated product is roughly the size of an iPod Nano, and fits within neoprene leg wraps. It's designed so that horses can exercise or feed in the pasture unencumbered while receiving up to six hours ultrasound therapy.

ZetrOZ, a business spinoff from the Cornell University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, is selling the device online through FarmVet, a distributor of equine products.

The company says the device’s ultrasound properties accelerate and compresses the inflammatory phase of healing, increases local circulation, boosts cellular permeability, improves collagen synthesis, decreases edema and causes the release of cytokines and natural analgesics for pain control.

“UltrOZ’s system provides a consistent, controlled, easy to use method of providing long-term ultrasound therapy,” says George Lewis, medical ultrasound researcher, Cornell University and ZetrOZ owner.

Funding for this research was provided in part by the National Science Foundation. Visit ZetrOZ's website or FarmVet's website for more information or to make a purchase.


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