CSU To Build $5M Equine Reproduction Lab Replacement

A brand new, $5 million replacement Equine Reproduction Laboratory is due to start construction at Colorado State University.

Colorado State University will begin construction next summer on a $5 million replacement for the school’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory that burned down in July.

The 11,000-sq. ft. facility has an expected completion date of early 2013. A portion of the estimated $5 million needed for the facility will be covered by insurance, and CSU has been raising funds to cover the remainder of the costs.

Experts from the ERL see mares and stallions from around the world develop technology to preserve their bloodlines. Several techniques used in human and animal reproduction assistance were pioneered at the ERL, including semen freezing and cooling. The 30-year old center was the first to harvest eggs from deceased mares and develop full-term, healthy foals.

All client services and research formerly conducted in the destroyed space are continuing uninterrupted in other buildings on the grounds.

The new, larger building will include additional space for research and serving clients. The building will also include improved teaching space and offices, along with distinct areas for mare and foal work, assisted reproduction services, and stallion work. Animal movement into and around the building will also be improved.


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