Cuattro X-Ray Unit Touted as Superfast

Images are taken and displayed within seconds.

Heska Corp. this month released what the Loveland, Colo., company is calling the fastest all-in-one X-ray imager in the veterinary industry.

The handheld Uno 6 digital radiography unit, sold by Heska’s Cuattro brand, is designed primarily for use in the field with equine patients, but it also may be brought into a small animal exam room, a spokesman said.

The 16-pound device is wireless and battery powered, and two detector panels are available: 10 by 12 inches and 14 by 17 inches.

Heska is promoting the unit’s speed: the ability to power up within 20 seconds, capture high-definition images in as little as six seconds apart and display X-rays three seconds after exposure on the removable Slate 6 Micro tablet.

The Slate 6 Micro is designed to store a minimum of 79,000 images, Heska stated.

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