Differential Diagnosis Of Hypoglycemia

A set of non-exhaustive lists of what is needed to know about hypoglycemia.

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One way to help organize your thoughts on the differential diagnosis of hypoglycemia is to consider tumors vs. non-neoplastic reasons for the chemical imbalance. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Non-neoplastic causes of hypoglycemia include:

• Liver insufficiency (shunt)
• Liver failure (cirrhosis)
• Sepsis
• Addison’s
• Idiopathic (neonatal, juvenile, hunting dog)
• Starvation
• Lab error
• Iatrogenic (insulin OD)

Tumors causing hypoglycemia include:

• Insulinoma
• Hepatocellular carcinoma
• Leiomyoma
• Leiomyosarcoma
• Hemangiosarcoma

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