DirecTV Adds Canine TV Channel

DirecTV has announced the addition of a new channel, DogTV.

DogTV content is divided into three categories: relaxation, stimulation and exposure.

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DogTV, the first television network scientifically developed for dogs, will debut nationwide Aug. 1 on DirecTV channel 354 at $4.99 a month.DogTV offers canine-centric programming designed to capture and keep the attention of stay-at-home dogs. The canine-centric programming is designed to capture and keep the attention of stay-at-home dogs.

"Many dog owners come home … to find a sad pooch or a ripped-up couch,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of the New York City company. "This likely results from separation anxiety, which is one of the most common behavioral issues for dogs that are left at home.”

The channel has been available only in San Diego on the Cox and Time Warner cable networks and through the Internet and Roku streaming players.

Veterinarians, dog trainers and animal behaviorists were consulted during the network’s four-year development, resulting in programming designed to appeal to a dog’s sense of sight, hearing and movement detection.

In addition to relaxing and Pavlovian programming, DogTV offers content designed to desensitize dogs to stimuli such as babies, cars and fireworks that would otherwise drive many canines crazy.

As part of the national rollout, DogTV is conducting a casting call to identify talented dogs for possible appearances in a made-for-DogTV program called "My DogTV.” Through July 14, new subscribers may submit videos through DogTV’s Facebook page. The videos may show dogs doing anything from skateboarding to howling.

The channel will be free to DirecTV subscribers Aug. 1 to 14. Dog owners who preorder the channel by Aug. 10 at dogtv.com/directv will receive a free one-month subscription, a $10 Dog Is Good coupon, a Pet Hub identification tag and a $10 PetBest.com coupon.


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