Dogs Found Shot With Arrows are Now Recovering Thanks to Vets

Dogs Kitchi and Cheveyo were rushed to the McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital in Calgary, Canada, after being found injured.

Facebook/Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society

A story that could have easily ended in tragedy for two dogs has a happy ending thanks to the efforts of a canine rescue organization and an emergency veterinary clinic.

Two dogs were found injured and in pain and were taken to Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society, in Calgary, Canada. They were then taken to the McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital in Calgary, which, to everyone's surprise, found arrows inside the dogs.

"Not just any simple, little arrows — large, four-point arrows," said Kelly Cerato, president and founder of Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society told CBC News.

Update 2: Kitchi-The arrow was lodged in his arm and fractured his bone. My- Our decision did not come easily. We…

Posted by Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society on Saturday, April 2, 2016

“You can tell by how they were shot that these dogs were meant to suffer as much as possible,” Cerato, told the Calgury Sun. “The shafts were gone, but the wounds were still bleeding and quite fresh, so we’re estimating three or fours hours before they were brought in.”

The dogs immediately had to have surgery. One dog, named Kitchi (below) by the rescue, had to his leg amputated, his limb shattered after being shot in the shoulder.

Dog Cheveyo (below) was shot in the chest, close to his heart. In order to save him, McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital had to bring in a specialist, according to CBC.Cheveyo was shot in the chest, close to his heart. In order to save him, McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital had to bring in a specialist, according to CBC.

The incident was reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who are launching an investigation.

This easily could have been a case of someone killing what they believed was a feral dog, which is allowed under the law, but the second dog proves otherwise. This was a case of animal cruelty, the Calgary Sun writes.

"With much of rural Alberta rife with stray dogs — the lack of animal control laws leading to unregulated breeding and overpopulation — it would have been a simple defense to claim this was a botched attempt to put an apparently homeless dog down, the arrow simply missing the target.

And that’s why the second arrow is key — because it shows that the archer shot one animal, which did not die and was left to suffer, and then the cruel bowman targeted a second animal anyway. blockquote>That second suffering dog makes it all but impossible to claim the first botched shooting was an accident — and provided the sadistic marksman who did this is caught or turned in, he or she faces some potentially severe penalties."

Kitchi and Cheveyo are now in recovery, staying with the vice president of the Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society.

The society is asking for donations to help pay for the dogs' surgery costs. They are thankful for the help of the McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital, and are amazed by how much love the dogs still have.

As Cerato writes on Facebook:

"We never like welcoming dogs under any circumstances but these circumstances are so inhumane, that it rips our stomachs and knots our throats. A human being, which was suppose to cherish them, shot arrows into them instead.

Mr. Cheveyo and Mr. Kitchi [have been] named after strong warriors.

I have been at the McKnight Veterinary Hospital for 3.5 hours having to see and hear their pain. They were hurt and almost killed by humans yet, when they see our faces, they wag their tails and gave me kisses.

I have no words! My heart is sore, my eyes feel like I could cry until I bleed. This is nothing to what they are going through.

Thank you to the team at McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital especially Dr. Shelby. We are so honored to work with the amazing staff and doctors willing to work overtime to save these dogs, that now have so much family.”

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