Dogs Needed For Study Of New Cancer Treatment

Morphogenesis Inc. and Southeastern Veterinary Oncology and Medicine (SEVO-Med) are collaborating on a canine cancer study.

Dogs with high-grade B-cell lymphoma may benefit from a new personalized treatment.

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Twenty dogs with high-grade B-cell lymphoma are being sought to participate in a field study of a vaccine-based cancer treatment that reportedly has no side effects.

The developer, Morphogenesis Inc. of Tampa, Fla., and veterinarians at Florida-based Southeastern Veterinary Oncology and Medicine (SEVO-Med) are collaborating on the study.

The new treatment is designed to defeat 17 types of cancers in dogs, cats and horses, Morphogenesis stated.

"We educate the body’s immune system to fight its own tumor cells,” said Pat Lawman, Ph.D., the biotechnology firm's CEO. "Our process helps keep the cancer in check so that it doesn't progress, and we all think that’s a win.”

Under the process, a dog’s lymphoma cells undergo a marking process that helps the immune system recognize the cells as foreign and kill them, Lawman said.

Veterinarians and pet owners who believe a dog would qualify for the study are asked to call SEVO-Med at 904-278-3870 or 912-355-5791.

Dogs enrolled in the study will receive free treatments and tests.

"More and more, you are seeing companion animals present with all types of cancers,” SEVO-Med founder Tracy LaDue, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVR, told veterinarians in a letter about the research. "The study … will further demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of this cutting-edge new technology in the fight against lymphoma.”

SEVO-Med operates clinics in Orange Park, Fla., and Savannah, Ga.


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