Don’t Drink, And Dog Paddle?

Let’s face it, a lot of animal related stuff is designed to appeal to us humans.

We’ve all done it, I bet even you…we have all dressed up a pet at least once in our lives. Whether it was a costume celebrating Halloween (don’t you just love the HotDog costume for dachshunds?), a raincoat for drizzly afternoon walks, or little warm boots for walking in the snow, we’ve all done it. Of course, if you’re really brave, you’ve dressed up a cat; well, attempted to dress up a cat. It’s humorous to see cats when they’ve been dressed; they literally flop down on the floor and won’t move. (This is also how they react to a belly wrap in the hospital!)

How about “dressing up” a non-typical pet for a walk, like a collar and leash on a cat, or a harness for a ferret or guinea pig. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but when it comes to these animals, you are likely letting yourself be walked by your critter, if they’ll walk at all.

Some of these garments and such are purchased with a purpose in mind, such as the weather wear. Yet there is no real “excuse” for buying an elf costume for the cat at Christmas, or a faux-fur lined coat for Fido. We do it because it’s fun to pick out these garments, a challenge to get them on the pet, and good for a laugh or two once they are dressed. It’s another way for us to interact with our pets, spending quality time making a video to post on YouTube!

So, finally, we get to my point. Yesterday on my way to pick up my daughter at summer school (we’re slowly transitioning her to middle school), I heard it on the radio news … Yes, they have made a beer that is safe for dogs! The wait is over! The DJ says of course all guys (sexist perhaps?) like to treat their dogs to some beer now and then. Now we can do it guilt free! Wow…

Better yet, why? Like so many similar products, this doggy booze allows us humans to indulge our own senses, expecting that if we like something, the animal likely will, and we are sharing our love of food with our four-legged friends. What do I mean? How about the ice cream for dogs? Or even the beef “jerky” treats? Before these, we realized it may not be healthy for our pets, but sneaking just a little people food would add so much to their mundane lives, right? It’s a good thing that pet companies have realized this human tendency, and made treats for dogs and cats that look like something you could feed your “human” kids at the dinner table.

Let’s face it, a lot of animal related stuff is designed to appeal to us humans. If we like it, surely our pets will like it as well. Guess what? That’s exactly the stuff of marketing a veterinary practice…if the people like it, they will assume their pet likes it, and us. The pet has no real say in the matter (often even if they resist, we find a way), so the client must choose a veterinary practice and a team that the pet owner can favor.

Does this mean we could add doggy booze to a tap in our lobby? Hmmm…


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