'Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet' Premieres November 7

There’s a new veterinarian on the television landscape.

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There’s a new veterinarian in the television world — Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet.

Taking place in the “last frontier,” the show follows Dr. Dee Thornell, owner of Animal House Veterinary Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. According to her bio, Thornell went to Michigan State University, and came to Alaska in 1982.

As Discovery writes in a press release:

“A quirky former Midwesterner, Dr. Dee left the lower 48 more than 25 years ago and never looked back. After starting her veterinary business out of a pick-up truck, she now owns and operates Animal House, the most sophisticated veterinary hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. Animal House isn’t your typical animal hospital. On any given day, you’ll find Dr. Dee and her staff treating a variety of animals that rarely appear on most vets’ patient list — bald eagles, owls, chinchillas, beavers, iguanas, ox, moose and bears — that often requires her to leave the high-tech luxuries of her Fairbanks’ clinic and rely on the bare necessities in these remote villages.”

“Dr. Dee epitomizes our belief that there is no separate animal and human world. She literally travels to the end of the earth in her effort to care for creatures domestic and wild. Dr. Dee’s authentic compassion and unwavering passion for the care of animals is at the core of a compelling vet series. It’s also what is at the core of Dr. Dee Thornell,” said Rick Holzman, general manager and executive vice president of Animal Planet. “Whether it’s navigating the continent’s most treacherous terrain over air, land and water; or taking on personal risk to treat her patients, you won’t find a vet more dedicated to the animals she treats than Dr. Dee.”

The show premieres November 7, 2015, on Animal Planet.

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