Drent Exits VPI, Replaced Internally

Scott Liles has replaced Dennis Drent as the CEO of Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Scott Liles

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Dennis Drent, president and CEO of Veterinary Pet Insurance, left the company earlier this month and has been replaced by Scott Liles of VPI parent company Nationwide Insurance, VPI reported today.

Drent announced his departure internally about three weeks ago and left the company with the intent to find a position where he could leverage his entrepreneurial skills to “turn around” another company, said Curtis Steinhoff, director of communications for Brea, Calif.-based Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Liles’ official title with VPI will be chief pet insurance officer, but he will fill the role of “executive leader” left by Drent’s departure, Steinhoff said.

Prior to joining VPI, Liles held strategy roles at both Nationwide corporate and most recently for the Nationwide Growth Solutions portfolio of companies. He has also worked for McKinsey & Company, Accenture Strategic Services and the British Broadcasting Corporation.


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