Easyvet announces first walk-in veterinary clinic franchise

New locations coming to Arizona and Georgia

With the launch of the nation’s first walk-in veterinary franchise, easyvet aims to offer “veterinary medicine built to meet the needs of owners and veterinarians, lowering the costs of quality care for pets while allowing more vets the freedom to start their own practice,” the company stated.

Easyvet stated that its clinics will help establish balance between accessible pet care with an improved work-life balance for the veterinarian franchise owners.

“This model allows veterinarians the ability to manage their clinic with predictable hours,” the company stated. “Without having to be on-call for emergencies or surgical procedures, they can offer dependable hours for clients that best fit the community they serve.”

The clinics offer comprehensive exams, core vaccines, parasite screening and prevention, microchipping, chronic pain management, geriatric care, allergy screening, behavioral and lifestyle counseling, and more.

The franchise will be opening two new clinics; one in Georgia and a second in Arizona.

Christian Cumberbatch, DVM, has opened a franchise in Alpharetta, Ga.; two more locations are planned.

“Having worked as an associate and emergency veterinarian, and having previously owned multiple clinics, I was looking for a change in my career that allowed me to still manage and run my own practice but without all of the headaches and stress that go along with it,” said Dr. Cumberbatch, VP of Medical Leadership. “The easyvet model allows me to spend more time with my family while enjoying practicing quality medicine. Their support team is top notch and has been very responsive while not imposing any restrictive protocols.”

A clinic in Arizona’s San Tan Valley to serve pet owners in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area will open soon, as well.


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6 thoughts on “Easyvet announces first walk-in veterinary clinic franchise

  1. Is this franchise available in Michigan? Also, can a Licensed Veterinary Technician own a franchised location, knowing that a DVM is required obviously?

    1. We currently are not registered in Michigan but plan to register where there is interest as we grow. In many states you do not need to be a DVM to own a clinic but you would need to check with the State of Michigan to find out for sure. Thanks for your interest.

    1. Kat, sorry for the delay, don’t check this often, we can franchise in Florida if that’s what you are asking, feel free to visit our website easyvet.com and you can request more information from there and we monitor that daily. Thanks for your interest.

    1. We have had some interest in NC but nothing final yet. We are registered to franchise in NC so if you know anyone interested, send them to easyvet.com for more information. We would love to open in NC>