Everyone's Recreating Chris Pratt's Scene from Jurassic World. Will You?

Will veterinarians and vet techs join in on the fun with your “raptors”?

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It started with zookeepers recreating the iconic scene from Jurassic World, featuring Chris Pratt's character stopping raptors from attacking a worker. Now everyone is joining in, and you should too! Check out these photos from Heather Prochnow (ironvet2084) and Katie Martocci (kmart317)  Instagram as they tried to recreate the scene.


Challenge accepted. #prattkeeping #jurassiczoo #jurassiczookeeping #velocikitties

A photo posted by Heather Prochnow (@ironvet2084) on



Seriously. Herding cats. #velocikittens #jurassiczookeeping #jurassiczoo #prattkeeping

A photo posted by Heather Prochnow (@ironvet2084) on



Today, we wrangled up some wild kittens…Jurassic World style! #PrattKeeping #JurassicZoo #VelociKitties

A photo posted by Katie Martocci (@kmart317) on

Why not join in the fun? We could start #jurassicvet or #jurassicvettech tag on social media. Let us know in the comments (with a link to your picture!) if you want to give it a try!

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