ExtendCredit.com Extends Services To Vets

ExtendCredit.com has been launched as a third-party provider of consumer financing plans.

ExtendCredit.com, an online provider of customer financing plans, has launched what it says is an alternative to conventional third-party financing.

With the new Pet Healthcare Payment Plan program, extended payment terms are mutually agreed upon between the veterinary clinic and the pet owner. The pet owner gets a payment he can afford, while veterinarians and animal hospitals can earn additional revenue through modest finance charges, according to the company.

“We recognize that pets are part of the family, and like any family member, pets sometimes need an emergency medical procedure to relieve suffering from a very treatable illness or injury,” said Joe Simrell, co-president of ExtendCredit.com. “But unlike other family members, pets aren’t covered by the family’s medical insurance and pet insurance typically does not cover enough of the bill.

“In today’s tough economy, pet owners face hard choices about how they intend to pay for an emergency surgical procedure for their pet,” Simrell said. “Using a veterinarian or animal hospital that offers our payment plan program, they can get authorized for the procedure and pay for it without breaking their budget.”

For details, call 888-364-2808 or visit Extendcredit.com/petcare-credit.

ExtendCredit.com of Aliso Viejo, Calif., is a division of BillWise Inc.


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