Feline Health Research Gets $3.5 Million Boost

The Morris Animal Foundation will be rewarding $3.5 million towards feline health research.

Morris Animal Foundation reported today that $3.5 million in funding will be used for feline health studies over the next three years.

Almost 30 active studies are addressing behavior, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, kidney disease, pain management and urinary problems.

Five studies funded by the foundation’s Happy Healthy Cat Campaign (www.research4cats.org) will look at upper respiratory infection in shelter cats.

The campaign is also supporting the development of a tool designed to help scientists identify genetic predispositions to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease and infectious diseases, among others. The genetic tool will be released in 2011, according to Morris Animal Foundation.

Collectively, the foundation will manage about 300 animal health studies in 2011, with support of those studies totaling $17 million over the next three years.


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