Florida Launches Certified Vet Assistant Program

Classified vet assistant program has been launched by Florida.

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The Florida Veterinary Medical Association has adopted a certified veterinary assistant program.

The program is Web-based and will be comprised of four key elements: educational online curriculum, practical experience of on-the-job training, validation of 100 skills to be checked off by a veterinarian or registered veterinary technician and the online final examination.

The program includes more than 200 staff training videos provided by Animal Care Technologies (ACT). The Denton, Texas-based company has been offering training programs for the veterinary industry for 15 years and providing industry certification programs in several other states, including California, Missouri, Texas and Iowa.

“It is very important that Florida creates a career opportunity early on for the staff member,” said David Grant, DVM, of ACT. “Often times, the veterinary assistant position has a very high turnover rate, about 44 percent nationwide. By earning this credential, you give the employee a mindset that they are embarking on a career not just a job.”

Individuals can learn more about the certification program at the annual Florida Veterinary Medical Association meeting, to be held April 29 – May 1 in Orlando, Fla.

Details can also be found at or by calling ACT at 800-357-3182.


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