Greenies To Make Television Debut In October

Greenies is launching a television advertising campaign for the 2012 holiday season.

A new Greenies commercial shows a dog excitedly trying to open a box of the canine dental chews.

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The Greenies brand will make its first foray into television advertising with the debut of “Season’s Greenies” spots broadcast on national cable and network channels.

The first nationally televised commercial will appear Oct. 29 on CBS during “The Price is Right,” according to the manufacturer, The Nutro Company of Franklin, Tenn.

The 15- and 30-second ads will run through December and target 25- to 54-year-old consumers, said Ian Greene, management supervisor at Trone Brand Energy, the High Point, N.C., marketing agency behind the commercials.

“For our inaugural use of television, we’re building on pet parents’ desire to give special gifts for the holidays,” said Tim Blankenbaker, senior brand manager at Greenies. “We reveal that Greenies canine dental chews are the ultimate choice because dogs go crazy when they see, smell and taste them, and they’re actually really good for them, too.”

The TV spots will play off the sight of children ecstatically receiving a toothbrush as a present. As a dog is revealed pawing at, jumping for and devouring a Greenies chew, the voice-over announcer says, “Kids never get this excited about clean teeth, but pets do.”

In addition to the TV advertising, the Season’s Greenies campaign will use social media, point-of-purchase displays and print advertising inserts. The inserts will appear in select Sunday newspapers and will direct consumers to pet specialty stores carrying the brand, Greene said.

“The television effort comes on the 10th anniversary of the Season’s Greenies promotion,” he noted. “The brand decided to branch out into television during the holidays, recognizing most pet parents give their pets gifts.”

The Greenies brand is available only at pet specialty stores and veterinary clinics. The manufacturer hopes that retailers will piggyback off the TV publicity and stock up on Greenies for the holiday rush, Greene said.

“The success of the television campaign will be demonstrated by new households discovering Greenies canine dental chews,” he said.

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While Greenies comes in consumer and veterinary formulas, the television spots make no distinction between the two, Greene added.


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