Hartz Unites Pet Owners in Flea, Tick Fight

No F&T focuses on the importance of year-round flea and tick protection.

Dr. Bernadine Cruz is a featured spokeswoman in Hartz’s new No F&T campaign.

Suggested Veterinary Products

The Hartz Mountain Corp. today launched a campaign aimed at getting cat and dog owners to think about battling parasites, but the manufacturer of over-the-counter flea and tick products isn’t necessarily trying to drive business to veterinarians.

The promotion, titled “No F&T,” focuses on the importance of year-round flea and tick protection.

One spokeswoman is Laguna Hills, Calif., veterinarian and Internet radio show host Bernadine Cruz, DVM, who says a strategy of prevention can save pet owners money.

“I have a special interest in flea and tick care for dogs and cats,” Dr. Cruz said. “When applied consistently, pet owners can safeguard their animals and their homes year-round, eliminating costly veterinary office visits for infestation and help protect the health of their pets and family.”

Hartz makes a variety of pet products, including collars, shampoos and sprays designed to kill fleas and ticks. The monthly spot-on medication UltraGuard Pro (etofenprox) is formulated for cats and dogs.

Lance Hemsarth, senior director of research and development at the Secaucus, N.J., company, spoke about flea infestations in announcing the campaign’s launch.

“Only 5 percent of the problem is addressed when consumers treat the adult fleas they can actually see,” Hemsarth said. “That means the remaining 95 percent of larvae and eggs left untreated can cause reinfestation.

“It is our duty as a trusted pet care brand to educate families regarding the health benefits of consistent flea prevention treatment for their pets.”

The No F&T campaign uses the hashtag #NOFT along with digital advertising and social media messaging.

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