Hill’s Plans To Bolster Sales Force

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced plans to expand national and regional sales forces to over 22,000 veterinary hospitals and clinics.

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition plans to expand its network of national and regional selling agents to make regular visits to more than 22,000 veterinary hospitals and clinics beginning in April 2012.

The Topeka, Kan.-based company is making the expansion to advocate “nutritional recommendations” as the “5th Vital Assessment” in pet healthcare, alongside temperature, pulse, respiration and pain.

Hill’s is also increasing its number of direct representatives in both the pet specialty and veterinary channels. The combined representation includes more than 1,200 sales-related personnel.

For the expansion, Hill’s is partnering with Butler Schein Animal Health of Dublin, Ohio; Webster Veterinary of Devens, Mass.; MWI Veterinary Supply of Boise, Idaho; and Merritt Veterinary Supplies of Columbia, S.C.


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