Hill’s Teams Up With Dog Monitor Company

Collaboration involves the new Vetrax device, which measures behaviors such as scratching and drinking.

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AGL, manufacturer of the new Vetrax wearable monitor, is partnering with food giant Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. in a joint effort to improve canine health and behavior.

The collaboration “is expected to provide veterinarians and their clients with a new level of understanding about how therapeutic nutrition can help improve a dog’s health and behavior, specifically scratching and mobility,” the companies announced at the North American Veterinary Community conference in Orlando, Fla.

The veterinary-exclusive Vetrax collar device is in the test phase at a select number of animal hospitals and is expected to roll out to practices nationwide later this year.

“With Vetrax, veterinarians will now have a window into their patients’ behaviors and be able to monitor the effects of their recommendations in real time,” said Jesper Nordengaard, vice president of global marketing and innovation at Hill’s.

Using sensors and algorithms, Vetrax is designed to classify and measure behaviors such as shaking, scratching and drinking. The information is transmitted wirelessly to a Vetrax database, which is programmed to alert the patient’s veterinarian about any unusual behavior or unexpected changes.

Vetrax is marketed for use with dogs with dermatological conditions and issues such as arthritis or obesity.

AGL, founded in 2013 and formerly known as AgLogica, is based in Norcross, Ga. Hill’s is headquartered in Topeka, Kan.

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