How to build urgent care slots at your vet practice

Emergencies happen, so learn ways to incorporate that in your scheduling process in this video

You suffered through a crazy Monday morning of sick-patient exams, followed by an empty Thursday afternoon. Why is the schedule so erratic? Receptionists need to reclaim control of the appointment book and guide clients toward specific exams rather than letting them choose. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a messy schedule.

Receptionists need to follow guidelines for appointment lengths and create structure when booking preventive checkups, sick-patient exams, medical progress exams, attended euthanasia, new clients and other exam types. Lack of organization could cause peaks and valleys in your schedule. When a client calls about a preventive checkup, steer her towards lower volume appointment times where you need to fill valleys.

Practice consultant Wendy S. Myers shares tips for this in her article “6 Scheduling Secrets for Veterinary Receptionists.”

Click here to read the full article.

Need to make use of urgent care slots? Watch the video on “Using Urgent Care Slots in Your Veterinary Hospital’s Schedule” below.



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