IDEXX launches low-dose radiography system

The ImageVue™ DR50 Digital Imaging System uses 40 to 50 percent less radiation

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IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., today announced the ImageVue™ DR50 Digital Imaging System. According to the company, it is the first radiography system in veterinary medicine to enable low-dose radiation image capture without sacrificing clear, high-quality diagnostic images.

Reduction in radiation exposure is critically important to the health and well-being of pets and veterinary professionals, especially veterinary technicians of childbearing age. Early adopters of the system reported the ability to use 40 percent to 50 percent less radiation than conventional systems to get the same clear, high-quality images.

“The ImageVue DR50 system revolutionizes digital radiography by minimizing radiation exposure for veterinary professionals without compromising the image quality,” said Jonathan W. Ayers, president and chief executive officer of IDEXX Laboratories. “The ImageVue DR50 system delivers on our mission to keep pets and people healthy by bringing innovation and diagnostic insight to veterinary medicine.”

The ImageVue DR50 system improves the visualization of dense anatomy and fine anatomical structures. With digital image capture in under eight seconds, the ImageVue DR50 system helps busy veterinary practices make sound medical decisions and stay on schedule, according to IDEXX.

“The ImageVue DR50 system allows me to take the best care of my patients and my staff. Not only does it give me the clear images required to diagnose and treat my patients, but it minimizes my staff’s exposure to potentially harmful radiation,” said Dr. Stacey Laursen of Laursen Veterinary Service in Fairgrove, Mich.

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