Idexx Releases 3-Minute Urinalysis Device

SediVue Dx and a PIMS system, Idexx Neo, are among two new offerings.

SediVue Dx uses an inverted microscope and digital camera to capture 70 high-resolution images per run.

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Idexx Laboratories Inc. is promoting its new urine sediment analyzer as a timesaver for veterinary staff and as a preventive-care diagnostic tool for feline and canine patients.

Unveiled in January at the North American Veterinary Community conference, the SediVue Dx eliminates the need for centrifugation, slide preparation and other steps when performing a urinalysis, the company stated. Instead, four to five drops of urine are dispensed into a slot and about three minutes later high-resolution images are displayed and urine particles are automatically identified, counted and labeled.

The tabletop analyzer is designed to reveal blood cells, epithelial cells, bacteria, casts and crystals.

The complete analysis may be printed, saved as an electronic record or shared with the cloud-based VetConnect Plus.

The Westbrook, Maine, company also used NAVC to showcase:

  • Idexx Neo, a new cloud-based practice information management system. It joins existing PIMS programs Cornerstone and DVMAX.
  • New features with VetConnect Plus, a program that allows veterinarians to compare and cross-reference diagnostics results produced by Idexx’s in-house analyzers and laboratory service. Designed for viewing on a mobile app, the update includes scalable pathology images, digital radiography images, horizontal graphing and complete patient history in a table format, the company reported.
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